Strip poker story from long ago at the Mormon Scout Troop.

Stump of what used to be the tallest white pine in world I think. It had died by the time I saw this on my 2005 bicyce tour, but I'm reflecting on memories from much earlier days at a scout camp called Camp Grizzley, not far from there.

Late 1960's. A kid, I was friends with when we were in the 6th grade, happened to be in the Mormon Scout Troop. The LDS Church, which Pullman Herald mistakenly called the "LSD Church" when the headline editor made a mistake.

I followed my friend into that scout troop and my parents were okay with that. Mormonism is a conservative theology while my family was liberal, but part of being liberal is being ecumenical.

In Pullman, the church and scout troop offerings were like a smorgasbord available to the whole town; or at least that's what my mom proudly proclaimed.

In the Mormon troop, I quickly got bored with the militaristic feel and never made it past 2nd class badge.

There was one somewhat erotic memory that did make things more interesting; though slightly troubling.

In a spartan cabin at the scout camp named "Camp Grizzly," I remember a somewhat scandalous game of strip poker.

The scoutmasters were at a meeting in another cabin so the kinds and the youth patrol captions were in charge in my cabin.

In preparation, they stoked the woodstove nice and hot. Someone said that flames could be seen shooting out the top. I noticed that the stovepipe was glowing a soft cherry red.

The cabin was getting hot, but luckily no fire damage, except for what was to come next. No really fire damage; strip poker. Being shy, I cowered in a corner by the woodstove while the rest of the boys ignored me.

I kind of hoped that the cute patrol captain would draw low numbers so he would strip naked, but he kept getting the high cards. He only had to take off one sock.

Other, less attractive kids, were more revealed.

Soon the game was over, but a few kids noticed that the son of the scoutmaster was also not in the game. Some kids jumped on his bed and started to try and strip him naked.

He squirmed out from under that pile and ran out the door.

The kids continued to ignore me, but just then the scoutmaster came back mad as a hornet.

He saw that I was not involved in that game so he suggested I could go to another cabin temporarily.

I don't know what happened next, but I think the scoutmaster gave the other kids a verbal scolding.

For some reason, not necessarily related to this, I've have erotic fantasies about cute guys getting a scolding. It's probably a mild fetish, compared to some of the stuff that's out there.

Several months later, I did see the person, who only took off one sock, in a nude shower. That was when the troop did a fieldtrip to the Bohler Gym swimming pool on the WSU campus.


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