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Things I've learned from therapists, including that voluntary masturbation exists

I grew up in a fairly sheltered childhood so my route to learning about some things was different. See article I wrote about this in the Bellingham based Betty Pages.

Dream I had about sauna reopening at YMCA after vaccine gets widespread

In my dream, they decided to reopen sauna and I was at work. I went in there and two people were already sitting in there. It seemed kind of cold, but I was visiting with the folks. Then I looked around and discovered that the sauna heater was not there. I guess a new one was to be installe? The dream didn't say. When we discovered there was no heater, we all left, but I was in there, by myself for a moment. Then a woman from the upstair office walked in. I thought she might worry that she was a woman that had accidentally stepped into a men's nude space, but no one had been nude yet. There was no need for worry.

Strip poker story from long ago at the Mormon Scout Troop.

Stump of what used to be the tallest white pine in world I think. It had died by the time I saw this on my 2005 bicyce tour, but I'm reflecting on memories from much earlier days at a scout camp called Camp Grizzley, not far from there. Late 1960's. A kid, I was friends with when we were in the 6th grade, happened to be in the Mormon Scout Troop. The LDS Church, which Pullman Herald mistakenly called the "LSD Church" when the headline editor made a mistake. I followed my friend into that scout troop and my parents were okay with that. Mormonism is a conservative theology while my family was liberal, but part of being liberal is being ecumenical. In Pullman, the church and scout troop offerings were like a smorgasbord available to the whole town; or at least that's what my mom proudly proclaimed. In the Mormon troop, I quickly got bored with the militaristic feel and never made it past 2nd class badge. There was one somewhat erotic memory that did make thing