One of my "back in high school" dreams. Dreamed in 2020.

The teacher was passing out health pills and suppliants.

There was an assignment to go out and try and sell this stuff to the public; like in a marketing class. I was pretty shy about being a salesperson so I opted to not go out selling.

I sat at my desk, but noticed the rest of the class had left, except the teacher who was in front of the room doing paperwork. I was afraid she would come back and ask me why I was still there and not selling the pills so I decided to leave the room also. I took the box of pills and went out into the hallway.

In the hallway, I found another teacher. She looked kind of busy, but it dawned on me that selling the pills might not be a good idea due to corona virus. Selling implies human contact. Pressing the flesh, shaking hands and so forth. I thought it was strange that there would be an assignment, like that, during the pandemic. I was going to ask this other teacher about it, but I was shy and she looked busy.

Then she turned to me and invited me to open up, asking what was I thinking.

I started explaining the situation and she had trouble understanding me; especially over the noise in the hallway. I kept trying to explain and then her phone rang. She said, "Sorry, I've got to go, I have a call." Then she hung up and said "It was just a sales call." "What were you saying?"

So I explained again and she understood. She nodded, as if to say, "don't worry." "Go ahead and keep the pills." Selling them is totally optional."

Relieved, I walked on down the hall and saw a friend. I started to tell him the story and he said. "Normally I don't talk to people after 4 PM, but I make an exception for you since you are on a late schedule, but this time, I'll have to excuse myself." "My battery (meaning his energy level) is about on empty." "Have a good evening."

End of the dream.

My thought is the dream relates to the interruptions of life and the clutter of things like sales pitches.


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