Dream about office politics in pitching a tent

I had a new tent and I was on my first trip with the new tent. Up near Mount Baker.

I couldn't fully erect the tent as there was a lock in a tent pole that I needed to enter the password into a website for.

I called REI, where I bought the tent, and they tried to talk me through the process. "Find the password in the tent and then relay it to us over the phone."

I couldn't find the password, but did find a few unusual things for a tent; like a prop that looked like a rotory dial phone.

Person at REI said, "don't worry." "We can look up your purchase and enter the passcode from this end."

I was interested in how the whole thing worked, how the lock works from a cellphone signal. Wondered if the tent could pick up the cellphone tower, if not, the whole thing will not work in this location. My phone was working okay, but can the tent pick up the tower also? What kind of receiver would it have?

A friend, that was with me, thought it was strange to try and learn about the mechanics of the tent. He suggested not to waste any time marveling at the electronics of the tent, but just focus on the pragmatic task of getting the dam thing working.

Person at REI said he had put in the number for me, but it might take a while to activate as the data has to go through "corporate." It might not activate till the next business day. This was a weekend.

Good time to wake up from that dream.


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