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Dream about office politics in pitching a tent

I had a new tent and I was on my first trip with the new tent. Up near Mount Baker. I couldn't fully erect the tent as there was a lock in a tent pole that I needed to enter the password into a website for. I called REI, where I bought the tent, and they tried to talk me through the process. "Find the password in the tent and then relay it to us over the phone." I couldn't find the password, but did find a few unusual things for a tent; like a prop that looked like a rotory dial phone. Person at REI said, "don't worry." "We can look up your purchase and enter the passcode from this end." I was interested in how the whole thing worked, how the lock works from a cellphone signal. Wondered if the tent could pick up the cellphone tower, if not, the whole thing will not work in this location. My phone was working okay, but can the tent pick up the tower also? What kind of receiver would it have? A friend, that was with me, thought it was s

Too timid for 8th Grade PE class, but I've bicycled across USA. Also published in The Betty Pages, Bellingham

Pullman, WA. My 8th grade PE teacher, Mr. Bush, called me into his office for a pep talk one day. He noticed I had no interest in sports. I always tried to go as far into the outfield as I could get, during baseball. I could care less about the game. He was worried that I wasn't trying. With my lack of drive, I might not succeed in life. He said, "When you grow up, it's going to be a tough world out there." "You've got to push harder." I didn't know how to respond, except to say that I ran a home run in baseball one time. That was only after another PE teacher went to bat for me and hit the ball out of the park. He set that all up so I could run all the bases. A ploy to help me gain confidence. Walking home from school that day, it dawned on me that I had forgotten to tell Mr. Bush about the 60 mile bicycle trip I did during the summer between 7th and 8th grade. That would have been a more assuring response for him, but one usually thinks of the

Heckling and bomb scares. Memorable moments from Pullman High School assemblies 1969 - 1973.

Front of auditorium wing, old Pullman High School. Now at Gladish Community Center. It was spring of 1970 during the Vietnam War. A singing group called "Up With People," was preforming at the auditorium. An inspirational, cheerful group. Students must have thought this was frivolous and uncalled for. "People are dying in a war right now." As the preformers were introduced, the students clapped, but didn't stop there. They stood up and started cheering. They were cheering and cheering. Maybe laughing as well. They wouldn't sit down. This went on a while. Eventually the students did sit down and the performance took place. Next day, there was another assembly. Said to be the last mandatory assembly of the year, but it was a while till end of the year. ? The principal, Mr. Cramer, walked onto the stage and started scolding the students. He said the audience reaction to yesterday's concert was disrespectful. If students are behaving this way, they

One of my "back in high school" dreams. Dreamed in 2020.

The teacher was passing out health pills and suppliants. There was an assignment to go out and try and sell this stuff to the public; like in a marketing class. I was pretty shy about being a salesperson so I opted to not go out selling. I sat at my desk, but noticed the rest of the class had left, except the teacher who was in front of the room doing paperwork. I was afraid she would come back and ask me why I was still there and not selling the pills so I decided to leave the room also. I took the box of pills and went out into the hallway. In the hallway, I found another teacher. She looked kind of busy, but it dawned on me that selling the pills might not be a good idea due to corona virus. Selling implies human contact. Pressing the flesh, shaking hands and so forth. I thought it was strange that there would be an assignment, like that, during the pandemic. I was going to ask this other teacher about it, but I was shy and she looked busy. Then she turned to me and invited me t