Start of my new blog. My other blog is an eclectic mix of ideas about sustainable economics.

Stories from my past are liked so I decided to devote a blog to those stories. So far, the stories have been mixed into my main blog with all the other stuff. A lot of the my experiences have already been written. Some are in that blog under the label of My History. Others are in descriptions of photos related to my childhood and later history. Images on Flickr. No cost or subscription for browsing.

Why study the life and ideas of someone that's not really a celebrity? Give it a try. See what you think. I have bicycled across USA, but that's not that unusual, I guess. It was pretty mellow and pleasent. This space might be a respite from extreme experiences, fame and fortune.

Robert Ashworth.

Other blog

Why all these things?

Started at different times. On different platforms. Not everything fits one format.

Image consultants might be cringing now.

They'd say, "symplify, consolidate, edit, toss, find a few sound bytes."

I'd rather let the search engines and you do that.


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